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Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 19

Saturday, March 19.....We only have 11 more days!

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  1. So there's a girl in my training class who is a "know it all" and it irritates me. I text my bf yesterday morning and said "I'm sitting by this girl in training today and she thinks that she knows everything-it's so annoying." He told me to be nice to her because I had no reason not to-he was right. So I pretty much ignored her throughout the day, keeping my convo to minimum.

    We had to complete a quiz and it was kind of tough. She kept getting a few answers wrong and I must admit that for a second, I kinda laughed because she was frustrated. I thought "you don't know everything!" And then, I decided to let the evil spirit go inside of me and asked her if she wanted help taking her quiz. ( I thought about the challange). She said "Yes, I'm so frustrated and I'm just having a bad day." I felt so guilty for letting her frustration humor me. I helped her with her quiz, she scored a 100 and I asked God for forgiveness. You never know what kind of day someone is having-be nice to ALL of His children, even the "know it alls."